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Getting started

Thank you for choosing the One and Ubivox email marketing and newsletter service.

In this guide, we will walk you through the basic steps in order to get to use system properly. Currently this guide and all other guides are only in English. However all shortcuts and menus are placed exactly the same places despite what language you’re using.

What you see before you at first login is the dashboard, currently there’s not much on it but that will soon change.

In the top left corner you can see menus for different areas of the system.

At the bottom you will see guides, support etc. use this if you should need help.

Back to getting started;

Before we create our first newsletter, we suggest that you implement a signup formula on your website, so new subscribers can submit a subscription to your newsletters.

How to create a sign up form

When you login for the first time you will see the dashboard. At the top of the dashboard you have a menu with various areas of usage.

As you will notice in the top left corner, you have a list. This list is named after the name of your account.

Press the list, list menu and opt-in/out e-mails. You need to configure the optin mail before you can get a link to the signup form. The optin email is the email new subscribers receive where they confirm their subscribtion.

As you can see there’s nothing in the areas as of now.

We have predefined as text you can copy and paste, as this can bit a bit technical;

E-mail subject; Confirm your subscription to INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME

E-mail body;


To confirm subscribing %(email)s to our newsletter, you need to click this link:


If you do not click the link and confirm, you will not be subscribed to the newsletter.

Best regards,


When you’re satisfied with the text, scroll down and press save.

Now you can find a link and/or HTML code for a signup form. Press list menu –> website integration.

On this page you have access to a simple link to the sign up form. If you press advanced you’ll get access to a subscription HTML code;
If you press the link you can see that your current signup form looks like this:
At the moment the signup form only collects the email address. You can collect all the information that you wish, you just have to create a data field. In order to do this, go back to the dashboard.

Click Contacts –> Data fields

Click at create new data field.
You’ll now see this page.
Title is the title of the data field that will be shown to users. If for example you want to collect the name of subscribers, enter name.

Key generates automatically.

Help text; Can be used to clarify or to help the subscriber entering their information.

Data type; Here you have access to several choices. This will be elaborated in an independent guide for data fields. In this case we select Text field; single line as we just wish to collect the name of subscribers.

Access; Defines whether the datafield is shown in the signup form or if it’s used internally for notes and similar stuff about the users.

Required; Defines whether the subscribers has to fill in information in order to be able to sign up to your newsletter.

When done, scroll down and click create.

In our case it looks like this:

In order to connect it to the list, go back to your dashboard. Click at the name of your list, list menu –> list settings;

You will now see this:

Click at the data field and scroll down and press save. The datafield is now connected to the list and will be shown in your sign up form.

How to create your first newsletter

Go to the dashboard. Click New –> Newsletter. Here you will see the page below. As you can see there’s 6 different templates to chose from. All of these can of course be edited as you like:

Select the template you wish to use and click at the bottom that says: “Use this template”.
Enter the subject (Email subject line) and chose the mail list you wish to send to, in case you have more than one list. At Initial content, you can chose one of the other templates if you’d like. Click at create at the bottom right corner.
What you see now is the editor. At the left you have all the content and on the right you have a preview of how the newsletter looks.

At the top, in the middle, you can switch area. Click here to go to the header or the footer of the newsletter or go to the preheader (The preheader is the text that will be displayed after your subject line in you subscribers inboxes). Go to the areas and fill in the relevant information for your company.

Next to ‘Swith area’ at the top of the screen, you have the add content button. It is here that you can add content and new blocks to your newsletter.

Drag and drop the content you wish to use. Always start with a section –> column, after you have added this, you can add headlines, content etc. Remember that the width of the columns should always be 99 or 100 percent in total for a section. Click the ‘Done’ bottom when you’re finished adding stuff.

Edit content and adding images

In order to edit the content in the newsletter, you simply dobbelt tap/click at the content. This will lead you to either a place where you can edit/add txt or where you can replace and or edit the size/scale of an image.

Above you see some of the standard text and a small text editor that in many cases works like Word, Pages and such. Select text as bold Italic, add links to text ect.

When dobbelt clicking/tapping an image you have the possiblity of scaling and cropping it. Further, if you click select image, you will go to your media library, where you can upload and select images you wish to use.

You can also add an image link to the image, so it can redirect users to a designated page.

How to send a newsletter

Once you’re done editing and/or during, you have the possiblity of sending a test email to your associated email address. Look at the bottom right corner and click at send test email

If the newsletter looks like you want it too, click at schedule delivery. You now have to go through a few basic steps.

Step one is to add the time and sender you wish to use. You can add new senders at ‘Contacts’ -> ‘Senders’.

Step two is another option to preview the newsletter.

Step three is segmentation. You have the possiblity to only send to a certain group of subscribers, which may be of relevance to you later.

Step four is link check. The system checks the links in the newsletter to make sure that all are active and correct.

Step five is confirmation. Here you can see a small summary as well as the amount of subscribers you are sending to, the date and time. Lastly, before you send, click the box that states that you have consent to send newsletters to the subscribers.

When ready, click confirm & schedule delivey.

At the dashboard you can now see that there’s a planned newsletter if you look at the top right of the screen.

If you wish to cancel the planned newsletter, simply click at the subject line and click cancel delivery.

The newsletter will know be on your dashboard again and you can edit it and plan it for delivery when you are ready.

When the newsletter has been sent, you will see it at the bottom half of your dashboard, here you will be able to see the statistics for it.

This small support site will be updated everynow and again with more guides. Until then, you can look at Ubivox english or danish support site, where you can find more guides. Even though the layout is different, you might still be able to get the gist of most of it. Please remember that if you need support with you account, you have to contact One.